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SHAREit Torrent


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Using SHAREit you can transfer files from various devices, such as phones, tablets and computers. With direct Wi-Fi connections, you can send SHAREit files, photos, videos and applications from one device to another. If it works, it’s great, but if not, there’s no reason to try again.

Send photos, videos, applications and (function {) ((“app-page-desktop overview”);});

The main feature of SHAREit is the transfer of files to people who do not need cloud memory. You can share your photos, videos, local music files, documents, and applications from one device to another. It does not matter which platform you use, SHARE shares with others the SHARE deviceto make the right ones

It does not transfer data through Wi-Fi or Bluetooth over the general connection. Instead, a direct wireless connection generates up to five devices, such as a small network. Connected to another device, files can be sent and received. You can also clone your device and send the content to another device.

The best about SHAREit is a cross-platform platform, including Windows PC.

It does not always work

Multiplatforms SHAREit may cause problems in connection to troubleshooting devices on different devices. SHAREit does not have a connection using Wi-Fi or Bluetooth, you must set a direct connection to a connection with another device. This means that the device creates a hot-connected connection to other devices.

The application does notexplain that you need to adjust Wi-Fi settings. In the Settings menu, “preference area” is enabled when you send or receive it, but the app never mentions the device to create hot data sharing hot spots. SHAREit is also a buggy. Files transfer attempts were applied as soon as possible. Both devices have restarted the SHAREit program prior to transfer.

When the SHAREit program works, it’s fast. Photos uploaded quickly. The film had a deviated transfer rate and sometimes it had frozen transfers. After the transfer The application file will change the wireless connection and return the original connection. This means that if you want to share another file, restart itand connect to a hotspot.

The use of the main problem associated with the SHAREit program is easy, but in reality it is very confusing for average users.

It requires more coloring

SHAREit may be useful, but instructions and explanations are frustrating. It is also lacking in Polish and intuition. The connection connection closes logically, but following these steps are a nuisance to start a new transfer.

Photos are much easier to upload and files. SHAREit is good for the video, but depends on the size of the file.

SHAREit is committed to ease of use, but has not yet achieved this goal. If you want to upload files, try Pushbullet.


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