PES 2014 Windows XP/7/8/10 Portable Download Free Torrent

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PES 2014 Windows XP/7/8/10 +Portable Download Free Torrent

PES 2014

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PES 2014 will take longer, the time afocus this game. A new graphics engine, better animation and great atmosphere are the main Highlightson this edition.

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Others, Cup, competitions and online multiplayer

The evolution of Pro Football, which has been available to download patch, offers several game modes:

Match-allows you to share in the one game to challenge friends or AI.

Live Football-allows you to play in the Master League online and offline. Create your own team, manage contracts, buying and selling players and lead your team to glory. With new features, you can now become the leader of the country. Basically, a simple structure to improve usability.

Be a player a legend-take and view their progress through a distinguished career. In this mode, you can choose your player himself, for example, by changing the purpose of the unhementable on the team and your question receives a command to the defense, such as Buffon or Casillas.

Pro Evolution Soccer contest-2014 bring back Championship mode, which is a deficiency in the PES 2013. In addition, you will be able to play Cup mode can configure your taste, or play the online competition. As always, you can play in the Champions League, Europa League, Copa Libertadores and, this year, the Asian Champions League (official licensed Allthese race). On the other hand, there are also large gaps in different teams because agreement Lcense, including Germany and the United Kingdom side, Konami that have no right (called Chelsea London FC, the city is Manblue, and a lot of Team Germany. really less during a game in progress).

Training-training is a good way to hone technical skills. This mode has a variety of tutorials are divided into 5 levels of training. Tutorials describing and introduce you to movement games, specials and more. You can then work on the corner, a shot and a penalty.

During the phase of the load, you get tips on image and move to keep situations in this game, Auseful Intermissionet take advantage of any time to die!

PASTE the menu symbol 2014 was bad, but in terms of use, clear step back to 14 FIFA new and modern.

Freedom of movement in the field of

Check the games 2014 at PES does not experience any major upheathen. New features is Trupall tech: Advanced roong dialog controls, you can pause or control the ball through 360 degrees. The result is significant realism and unprecedentedfreedom movement of the PES. It was made possible by better ball physics, with other meanings that annoying Bowling ball confrontation with a series of years.

It also increases the durability of a far more liquid and more reasonable. Player power, weight and physical strength can affect the performance of the shoulder or influence between winners shoulders.

The maneuver is more logical now; This game is profitable and the speed slower than the previous year. More can not steal the ball from the player and get the back of the net. Now, you will need to explore the positions of players who get fieldand time to exploit Playor friends to make onethe goal of that shot.

Go PASTE 2014 is way steep to change previous games; On the other hand, there is a movement that is more natural. Cross-Calibrate manually and instead will once again sebelumrakaman is reliable, although some trajector factorized a bit.

Thegoalkeepers upgraded such as; They have a very good animation and save for one incredible. BagaimanaMereka gets high balls and crosses which convince, though REACTIVITY and slot intruders if an attacker Facinga leave much to be desired (joypad button Y Xbox).

Artificial intelligence is one of the highlights of the largest PES 2014. CPU players move Welland appear more predictable, Workas a team and if necessary, it is possible to take pictures that leave you speedless. There are 6 Governance ketenatan AI.

However, play with PES 2014 also requires appropriate tactics for your team. Option Play here more limited than FIFA, but a good shape editor this flaw, which gives you the ability to create a variety of modules.

Incredible Gameclimate

Fox new graphics engine 2014 PASTE works well. All the details entered into the account, and virtual real physical equation is just one player (but only to the world-famous; not too famous a little rough around the edges). Greate care taken in every stage of production, with the details of a fantastic and unique choreography banner in foreach team.

Despite this improvement, the engine still cooked: I see the random frame that fall, although they do not affect the experience of the game. In addition, there is a lack of rain or snow that cannot be explained. This is not dealman, but it is very unusual for this game.

Another new feature is the lack of PES 2014 almost complete binary: the player is now turning to full freedom and without a framework that has been set.

Possible, the sound effects are the best elements in PES 2014. The audience was 12 players on the field, supporting the squad, with the incesrable, the Galvanizingiga risky step, botting anti Atlas, and instigates their hero towards a goal, especially in the most crazy game. In a nutshell, Konami has been able to create an atmosphere where the player involved emotionally.

The dawn of a new era

Pro Evolution Soccer, this is the beginning of a new era. This edition is based on the full game: team play more, improving observations players, better ball physics, realistic transactions and a wide range of features that enhance the gaming experience.

So Do the year 2014 FIFA PES finally was beaten? Words; Easimulator is still King, but the gap narrowed and Konami certainly Titleit alternative now.

Developers have created a fun, profitable game that allows the player to act independently in the stadium, which is not the same as every other football videogames.

Fox engine, though still quite immature and hard around the edges, the rebirth of the franchise is very important. Konami certainly took a giant step in the right direction: aspects of the simulation for this title improve significantly, congratulations to all genres of Crushers.

PES 2014

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