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PES 2012 torrent

PES 2012

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PES 2012 is the latest version of the popular football game for Windows and consoles. The game makes some significant improvements in comparison with PES 2011, benefiting from improved gameplay and graphics than the previous version. PES 2012 has everything to prove. The series is now pining for the EA FIFA, and has a lot of ground to have any hope of this battle of the Sims football years to win.

What has changed in PES 2012? (Function () {(‘ Navigation App-page-Desktop ‘);});

The changes in the 2012 PSE is very centered around the game and the team play, so that players make most of the dramatic capabilities of the branch. Under the changes in PE 2012 are:

-New AI engine for a more realistic team game experience

-Move attackers and defenders as a more cohesive unit, allowing players to make mistakes

-A new slider switching system can players choose a mate team on anywhere on the field

-Improved combat system and more realistic players confrontation

-Other changes, including enhanced animations, more player styles, advanced lighting effects, improved dead ball system, and more

How to make a new system AH?

Always known for the gameplay first, many changes in 2012 to the artificial intelligence game PE. Teammates and opponents is designed to behave in a more authentic and more difficult to beat. Five key areas focus on overlapping options, diagonal rows, dummy executions, zonal defense, and zonal marking.

The new system works netball in PES 2012 open new features and give you more control over your team. Use the right analog stick mode, you can select off-ball player and make it work at the same time to control the player with the ball. The load for this is not too difficult and difficult to get used to, but the persistent trouble, because it allows you to find openings or defenders to slip from the post to create a space.

The defensive improvements in PE 2012 is impressive too, with the groups currently doing the VormingBaie better when attacked. Feel more reasonable protection. It is no longer sufficient to simply hold the button to apply pressure on the attacker stole the ball. With PES 2012 Have you made sure that you put a defender in the right place, then at the time of your lunch accurately.

The combination of an improved attack unit and the advocates of susceptibility in a-on-the-it seems to create an easier chance in PES 2012 than previous versions, which means fewer low scoring games as before.

What else is new for Pro EVO 2012?

As standard, one day on the evolution of football updates, the diagrams in PES 2012 have improved and the players limenesses very authentic in some cases. The animation is a coat and the game has a very rounded sensation which seems to be smoother than FIFA.

This second demo PES 2012 is not representative of the final version of football SIM Konami, but it gives you a good sense of new gameplay aspects. You can playThe game at ten minutes by Tottenham Hotspur, Bayern Munich, Rangers, Club Amrica or Internacional. You need the training section based on the challenges of the demo get practical coaching on the new controls within the PSE 2012 test.

Set the screens and tactics of the menu in PES 2012 personalization appears more streamlined than the previous version, which will be a good thing, because your team in Pro EVO fit can be known to make a laborious process. We have to wait and see the final version if this simpletactiques menu were saved.


Deyakpeople will say that the loss has Sol Pro Evolution for FIFA for the last three or four versions. PES 2012, of course, bridging the gap to FIFA, add some intelligence to the brand of arcade gameplay.

With the pole gameplay and AI enhancements, PES 2012 forms to be an excellent entry into the long-term range.

If you want to get back on track of memory and see how Grand Theft Auto has developed over the years, you can download the demo of most older versions of PE opSoftonic. Check them out here:-Pro Evolution Soccer 4

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PES 2012

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