Overlord 2018 DVDRip Torrent

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Overlord 2018 DVDRip Torrent

Overlord 2018

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With only D-Day hours, a group of US marines who fall into the Nazis occupied France to fulfill the mission, which is important for the success of the invasion. The task of destroying the transmitter in a castle church, a desperate soldier united with a young French farmer to drop the wall and throw the tower. But the Nazi laboratory is secretive in the church, many people are more enemies, whose world has never seen.

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Julius Avery Writers:

BillyRay (sail), Mark L.Smith (scenario) The night before the D-Day American paratroopers were dumped behind enemy lines in a critical mission to the success of the invasion. When approaching the end, they began to realize that in a Nazi-occupied village was more than a military operation. they fought with the supernatural, some Nazi experiments.

Overlord 2018

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