Chicken Invaders Lady bug Download

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Chicken Invaders Lady bug Download

Chicken Invaders

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Invaders Chicken is a free shooting game that is strange

and a lucky round on classic space invaders. In this game you receive

command of the spacecraft dedicated to protect the earth from the wave

wave of intergalactic birdhouse. Eggs evade, chicken exploded

and the collection of drumsticks, you will fight with players


(function () {(‘review-app-page-desktop’);}); As a space invaders – but with a chicken

Game Invaders Chicken Newlyweds: This is funny

classic-em reskinup shot, with all the features you would expect

the one As you progress, you will find a gift that will allow you to upgrade.

ships with new and more powerful weapons. It is enough to blow the chicken and

You will be rewarded with wood drum. You can collect drumsticks

Rocketing will allow you to experience very difficult problems

Article. Each stage consists of ten waves; at the end of every ten

waves, you will fight with the boss, after which you will be in the next level.

This is all,more or less: it’s a traditional arcade game without

story, character or wrinkle of the game. Add your wealth

The purpose, which is the chicken, gives all the strange atmosphere


Sometimes it’s easier, better

Invaders Chicken – A very simple game – a classic arcade game,

end of the 90’s. It’s easy, but it’s incredible.

exciting and interesting way to beat some here and here


Invaders Chicken 5 – A crazy shooting game in which an intergalactic chicken feeder is run,is the only way to save our precious earth! With clever images and beautiful space animations The shooting has never been so nice. Climb your ship to destroy the intruders. The intruder captured 5 places in your spacecraft cabin when a strange chick attacked the Earth. The game is mainly a game of octane shooting with cute cartoon war. Actual action can be very fierce, so 200 chickens can be screened at a time, everyone is just waiting to be eliminated. In addition to the protection ofthe planet, can travel to 12 unique stars to fight intergalactic chicken waves. The co-op mode allows up to three other players to help you with the destruction of intruders. There are other dreams that you have to take, as well as various weapon upgrades and unlock (feature shooting Intens ActionChicken Invaders 5 – the faster game is a joyous act in which the wave of shooting after waves of hairy attackers is the goal. There are some epic bases to work, and it’s great when youplay with friends or two. He is light, crazy and totally funny, with colorful graphics and unique orchestra songs.

Chicken Invaders

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